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Cawood, Amy Principal
Spurgeon, Angela Assistant Principal/Technology

Armes, Jennifer 6th Grade Language Arts
Arndts, Megan 8th Grade Mathematics
Cawood, Amy Principal
Cigliano-Johnson, Amber 7th Grade Inclusion & Gifted
Easter, Jody 6th Grade Inclusion & Gifted
Hill, Shannon 8th Grade Inclusion & Gifted
Jackson, Phyllis School Librarian
Johnson, Janet 6th Grade Mathematics
Keko, Peter 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies
McKee, Katherine 7th & 8th Grade Science
O'Toole, Justin Physical Education
Parks, Sharon 8th Grade Language Arts
Ruffner, Brittany Secretary/Bookkeeper
Spurgeon, Angela Assistant Principal/Technology
Swallows, Rhonda School Counselor
Westrich, David Band Director and Enrichment
Wood, Brooke 6th Grade Science and Social Studies
Woody, Susan Technical Secretary

Jones, Karen
Ledbetter, Ruby Teacher Assistant