Cawood, Amy Principal

Armes, Jennifer 6th Grade Language Arts
Bridges, Kimberly 7th Grade English Language Arts
Cawood, Amy Principal
Cigliano-Johnson, Amber 7th Grade Inclusion & Gifted
Easter, Jody 6th Grade Inclusion & Gifted
Hill, Shannon 8th Grade Inclusion & Gifted
Jackson, Phyllis School Librarian
Johnson, Janet 6th Grade Mathematics
Keko, Peter 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies
Mays, Bailey School Counselor
McKee, Katherine 7th & 8th Grade Science
O'Toole, Justin Physical Education
Parks, Sharon 8th Grade Language Arts
Ruffner, Brittany Secretary/Bookkeeper
Westrich, David Band Director and Enrichment
Wood, Brooke 6th Grade Science and Social Studies
Woody, Megan 8th Grade Mathematics
Woody, Susan Technical Secretary

Helms, Pamela Special Ed Attendant
Ledbetter, Ruby Teacher Assistant