MMS Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Rules


"Learning Today ~ Leading Tomorrow."


"To prepare our students academically, and to enable our students to become productive, responsible citizens."


"For all students to reach or exceed the proficient level for all state standards in all subject areas."


"Be Ready, Be Responsible, Be Respectful!"


MMS PARENT AND STUDENT FAIR 2/28/17, 5:00 P.M. - 6:30 P.M.

Grade level with the highest percentage of students AND parents that show up will get to watch Mrs. Cawood and Mrs. Howard play EGG ROULETTE!!!!!!!!


The Roane County Office of Emergency Services is requesting the community to sign up for emergency notifications through the following link:


Please return all form that your student(s) bring home for parental viewing and signatures.  



School Events
•  Parent-Student Fair
Time: 5:00 PM
•  LC vs MMS Baseball @ home 6:00 P.M.
Time: 6:00 PM